Summer Camp: Christy, Volume 3

Three Little Words Summer Camp Swingers: Christy Series Book 3


The holidays are in full swing, and Paul’s ready to give Christy exactly what she wants.

After a Christmas spent apart, Paul and Christy vacation together in Tahoe, where they share secrets and enjoy the company of friends. Back at home, new living arrangements bring them closer than ever.

As New Year’s approaches, Paul hopes that new outlooks are on the menu as well. And with his lifestyle out in the open, can Christy accept it, or will things fall apart before he says those three little words?

Follow the adventures of Paul and Christy in Three Little Words, book 3 of 8 in the Summer Camp Swingers: Christy series by award-winning author Nick Scipio.

In this book, Paul and Christy hope to take their relationship to the next level as we head toward the volcanic conclusion of the Summer Camp Swingers saga. The slopes of Tahoe might be cold, but the couples don’t need a fire to keep things hot and steamy.

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