Summer Camp: Christy, Volume 4

Kinky Confessions: Summer Camp Swingers: Christy, Book 4


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Some secrets are bigger than others.

Paul has one final secret to reveal, but it’s a big one. He needs to find the right moment to bring it up. Little does he know, Christy has a secret of her own.

Their lives are finally settling into a routine and their relationship is getting comfortable. Will the final secrets be too hot to handle? Or could this be the proof they both need, that they’re ready to face anything?

Follow the adventures of Paul and Christy in Kinky Confessions, book 4 of 8 in the Summer Camp Swingers: Christy series by award-winning author Nick Scipio.

In this book, Paul and Christy get everything out in the open as we head toward the volcanic conclusion of the Summer Camp Swingers saga. Drama flares as they share their secrets, and they discover that sticky situations aren’t always a bad thing.