Swinging for the Fences

Tying Up Loose Ends Summer Camp Swingers: Christy Series Book 7


New friends, new experiences, and a looming question.

As Christy and Paul get to know Carter and Kim, Christy discovers that Carter has a dominant personality, which really sparks her interest. Meanwhile, Kim and Paul find creative ways to enjoy each other's company.

Work continues at the camp and life goes on. But the most important moments might not happen in the bedroom or even involve Christy, especially when Paul travels to California to visit her parents. He has an important question, one that could change their lives forever.

Follow the adventures of Paul and Christy in Tying Up Loose Ends, book 7 of 8 in the Summer Camp Swingers: Christy series by award-winning author Nick Scipio.

In this book, our couple openly explores their passions while Paul takes a major step toward the volcanic conclusion of the Summer Camp Swingers saga. As we near the end of the series, this book ties up loose ends... and the occasional loose person.

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